How long should you stay on the treadmill for cardio?

I like to jog on treadmills for cardio workouts, but how extended should you keep on the treadmill for just one cardio session? How several minutes? If you can give a great explanation for you answer, that would be even better. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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6 Responses to “How long should you stay on the treadmill for cardio?”

  1. Pirate

    You are running straight ahead only and working limited muscles.

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  2. anonymous

    mmm, id say an hour running, then half hour walking. it gives you a good work out and cool off to recover

  3. Hank

    30-60 mins. 30 mins for cardiovascular (heart) benefits.

    60 mins should be your max because by now you’ve burnt up all your glycogen stores. I’ve heard varying opinions on what happens. Either way you are going to go catabolic. That means your body is going to break down something for energy. It could be fat or it could be muscle. (If you ever watch iron man you will notice despite all their physical prowess they look severely emaciated, that is from exercising for too long.) Most will come from fat however some will be muscle. If you do it for too many sessions however those small losses will add up.

    To me that does not look healthy. I say 30-60 min window is key. If you want to workout for longer than that take a long slow walk. Your body won’t be forced into a quick decision for where to get the energy. The energy is slowly released into your bloodstream from fat.

  4. Mario

    You are running straight ahead only and working limited muscles.

  5. t o

    depends what else you are doing 20mins should be the min 30-60mins would be ideal. if you are working out as well then I would say 20-30mins then 45-60mins of working out in other ways. the idea is to get your heart rate up and stable without over working it too much cardio isn’t about building muscle it’s about building cardio (heart muscle and blood circulation) keep in mind your goal if your goal is to lose weight then I would say 30mins cardio and focus more on building muscles with squats, pushups etc if you are in good shape already and working to build your stamina and pure cardio then I would say closer to 60mins would be more suitable. it also depends on your speed I would try to focus on distance at first goind 2-3miles is a decent cardio session 5-6 miles is optimal depending on age that is about 60mins at a good pace. adjust to suit your age/weight and personal cardio level but It is importent to set goals even if it’s just 1mile at first which should be about 10mins at a reasonable pace faster if you are in better shape 6-7miles if you have very good cardio 4-5mins if you are a world class athlete but 10mins is more of a average person pace.

  6. kendra

    depends on who you are. you can do long runs or HIIT which is running fast then walking etc etc. burns more fat.

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